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Corroboration with High quality Japanese drink EMMA

Updated: May 25, 2020

Menya Kokoro Delivers Direct To Your Doorstep Complete with Japanese Bubble Tea Offerings From Emma Soft Serve!

· Japanese Bubble Tea at only $3.80 (U.P.$4.50) for takeaway with any purchase of Menya Kokoro’s Mazesoba or Ramen

Craving for a bubble tea fix? Satisfy your hankerings with Menya Kokoro’s much anticipated collaboration with Emma Soft Serve! Delivering premium Japanese bubble tea – Houjicha Latte with Pearls ($4.50), Kokuto Latte with Pearls ($4.50), Kokuto Matcha Latte with Pearls ($4.50) – right to your doorstep! Now you can savour Mazesoba specialist, Menya Kokoro’s signatures and its three outlet-exclusives in one sitting and chase it down with a sweet treat. Exclusive promotion for takeaway - enjoy Emma’s Bubble Tea at just $3.80 (U.P.$4.50) with any order of Menya Kokoro’s Mazesoba or Ramen.

A perfect harmony of 7 choice ingredients, Menya Kokoro’s most beloved Mazesoba is a precisely curated mixing dry-ramen bowl filled with ground saba fish, poached egg, nori, green onions, chives, fragrant chopped garlic, and a Japanese-style slow-braised minced meat sauce that promises a delightful symphony in the mouth. Known for their value-for-money, hearty bowls, enjoy Menya Kokoro’s classic Mazesoba from only $9.80 onward. Ramen lovers will also be tantalized with a variety of rich tonkotsu broth ramen options, also from $9.80 onward, and delectable sides from $3.80 onward.

Make it a meal with Menya Kokoro Singapore’s top three best-selling side dishes. Enjoy the savoury Homemade Gyoza ($4.80/5pcs), made in-house with pork and chives; Chicken Karaage ($4.80/4pcs), juicy and crispy; and Takoyaki Balls ($4.80/4pcs), topped with Japanese mayonnaise and bonito flakes.

Emma’s Japanese Bubble Tea, using creamy Hokkaido milk, rounds up the meal on a sweet note. Concocted from premium Japanese tea and ingredients directly imported from Japan; savour Japan in a cup and satisfy bubble tea hankerings with chewy Okinawa brown sugar pearls in your choice beverage from $4.50 onward.

Limited-time Delivery Promotion – Enjoy 20% OFF on Grabfood

From now until 3 May 2020, savour your favourite Mazesoba and Ramen on-demand! Menya Kokoro is now available on Grabfood so you can have a slice of Japan in your own home; applicable for delivery areas around 100AM or Plaza Singapura.

Islandwide Delivery via Menya Kokoro’s In-house Delivery Service

Delivery fee: $5-12 depending on distance, call +65 6443 1727 (100AM)/ +65 6261 2428 (Plaza Singapura) to enquire

Minimum purchase of $25

*FREE Delivery with any purchase of $80 and above, subject to availability.

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