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EXTENDED!! Tomato Mazesoba / Ramen and 50% off 2nd bowl

[EXTENDED till 14th March!]

Enjoy Tomato Mazesoba / Ramen and enjoy 50% off 2nd bowl Promotion more!

Ordering any 1 of the Tomato mazesoba or Tomato ramen and get 50% off 2nd main menu! Enjoy brand new ramen from Kokoro! (^u^)

Tomato's rich glutamine umami supurisingly goes well with both Kokoro mazesoba and tonkotsu ramen. Enjoy natural umami of Tomato! (^o^)/

Promotion: *50% off is only applicable for the lower-priced main. *Promotion: till 14th March

麺屋こころシンガポールの新メニュー トマトまぜそばとトマト豚骨ラーメンいずれかのご注文で2杯目を50%オフ! (価格の低い方に割引適用となります) 3/14までのプロモーションです 是非、お楽しみください! (^o^)/

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