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Menya Kokoro Izakaya at 100AM!

Come unwind at Menya Kokoro Ramen Izakaya after a long day of work!

With a selection of sake!, Kaku highball and Fresh Cold Sapporo Draft Beer!

Alongside mouth-watering new izakaya bites!

Delight in the light and refreshing Soba Highball ($11.00) made with earthy notes of buckwheat from Hokkaido that boasts zero carbs,

And icy cold Sapporo draft beer ($11.00).

You will be thrilled to discover an array of delectable sake choices in nifty 100ml bottles from just $8.80!

For an introduction into the world of sake!

For mazesoba lovers, No worry! our full menu is also available at night!

Menya Kokoro Izakaya only at 100AM outlet after 5pm!

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